Peggy Cronin : Difference

View more : Difference definitions   Contributor Bio : Peggy Cronin Peggy Cronin teaches writing at Bucknell University’s Writing Center.

Samora Pinder Hughes : Representation

View more : Representation definitions Samora was interviewed at The America Project Methodology Remixed at the New School, a day-long series of workshops for hands-on practical engagement with the research-to-performance methodology established by Sekou Sundiata in his America Project, and made open for classroom adaptation in The America Project : A Teaching Method for Collaboration, Creativity and Citizenship, a […]

Sekou Sundiata : Politics

This excerpt from the documentary film, finding the 51st (dream) state: Sekou Sundiata’s America Project, shows one of the many “citizenship dinners” that Sundiata convened in cities across the U.S. as part of The America Project. The clip, from a residency with the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, highlights the potential of these dinners to […]

Brian Lewis : Representation (& youth media)

Brian Lewis talks about making a “documentary” with youth in the TRACE program and the process of creating something in a form which is authentic to the youth voice and exposing the young people involved to the rigor of artistic process.   “The piece isn’t done, we did it for 6 weeks and we did […]

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