Yarlin Gomez : Sustainabilty & Representation

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Brian Lewis : Representation

Reading the poem “What Shall I Tell my Children who are Black?” by Margaret Burroughs, Brian Lewis describes what it means to him and how it has become part of his practice. “What shall I tell my children who are black Of what it means to be a captive in this dark skin?” What Shall […]

Kathryn Kolouch : Representation

Performer Kathryn Kolouch talks about how her water bottle maintains her instrument for representation. View more : Representation definitions   Contributor Bio : Kathryn Kolouch Kathryn is a student at Eugene Lang College, The New School and was born in Denver Colorado. She’s lived and worked in various places since: Ketchum Idaho, Oakland California, San […]

Samora Pinder Hughes : Representation

View more : Representation definitions Samora was interviewed at The America Project Methodology Remixed at the New School, a day-long series of workshops for hands-on practical engagement with the research-to-performance methodology established by Sekou Sundiata in his America Project, and made open for classroom adaptation in The America Project : A Teaching Method for Collaboration, Creativity and Citizenship, a […]

Brian Lewis : Representation (& youth media)

Brian Lewis talks about making a “documentary” with youth in the TRACE program and the process of creating something in a form which is authentic to the youth voice and exposing the young people involved to the rigor of artistic process.   “The piece isn’t done, we did it for 6 weeks and we did […]

Vyjayanthi Rao : Representation

View more : Representation definitions Contributor Bio Vyjayanthi RaoAssistant Professor of Anthropology and International Affairs Vyayanthi Rao (Ph.D., University of Chicago) holds a joint appointment with the Graduate Faculty of Political and Social Science, where she is Assistant Professor of Anthropology and International Affairs. Her research focuses on globalization, development, and cities, in particular issues […]