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Cherub was interviewed at The America Project Methodology Remixed at the New School, a day-long series of workshops for hands-on practical engagement with the research-to-performance methodology established by Sekou Sundiata in his America Project, and made open for classroom adaptation in The America Project : A Teaching Method for Collaboration, Creativity and Citizenship, a project of MAPP International Productions, dance & be still arts, and Buscada.

Contributor Bio : Cherub Chopp Stewart
Chopp, a southern girl, from where palm trees grow and folks speak slow. This Jacksonville, Florida native is an emcee and an educator, speaking passionately on all things. Over melodic and bombastic tunes, she can be heard rapping about the pressing issues of the present moment, and challenging the status quo. In simple form this complex artist makes apples into applesauce, keeping it authentically tasty.

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